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History & Background

The Melbourne Marine Insurance Forum Inc. ('MMIF') was formally established in 2010, having operated informally for approximately 12 months prior to its incorporation.

The MMIF was formed to replace The Institutes Marine Discussion Group and the less structured Marine Claims Forum, both of which operated very successfully for a number of years, however for a variety of reasons, experienced declining numbers of attendees to their monthly meetings and also a decline in interest from the industry as a whole.

While our meetings contain discussions on recent developments relating to marine claims the MMIF is not intended to be restricted to those involved in the marine claims area. Rather, the MMIF is intended to appeal to marine underwriting and claims professionals, brokers, surveyors, lawyers, and all those who have any involvement with the marine insurance industry.

It is recognised that with the declining numbers of marine insurance specialists in the market, it is vitally important to provide a training role in this field and so each monthly meeting features a range of industry experts speaking on a topic intended to be of broad interest and of educational value to industry participants and thus allowing those attending meetings to earn valuable education points (CIP points).

Finally, the MMIF aims to lift the awareness of marine insurance in the broker community which lacks access to training in marine insurance. We understand that there may be many opportunities unfortunately overlooked due to potential lack of understanding of this product. It is important to realise that most businesses throughout their existence will require marine insurance at some point,likewise most commercial vehicles would require a component of marine cover. The adage “If you move it, Insure it” comes into play here.

Since the formal incorporation of the Melbourne Marine Insurance Forum, we have seen membership increase to over 200 financial members, composed of marine underwriting and marine professionals, brokers, lawyers, surveyors and other industry suppliers. We also have a over 400 insurance industry professionals who subscribe to our newsletter which features industry updates and details of upcoming presentations.

Aside from educational meetings, the MMIF also host a number of well attended networking functions. We have three major functions each year, The Arthur Kinder Memorial Bowls in February, the ever popular Winter Warmer at the Saint & Rogue in July and Christmas Luncheon in November.

Should you wish to know more about the MMIF please feel free to contact the Secretary;

Adam Billing (Marine Manager - VIC/TAS/SA @ Chubb)

0417 993 297

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